About Us


Action Deafness Books is a book store and publisher, specializing in resources on deafness and deaf issues.


Innovative and progressive, Action Deafness Books is the UK’s leading publisher and online retailer of books on deafness and deaf issues.

By deaf people, for deaf and hearing alike, Action Deafness Books works to deliver a publishing platform that enables people to put their experiences and writing into the public domain. To empower deaf people to write, to record and use language – at the same time, allowing hearing people to learn of the deaf experience through the works we publish.

But what is more, we work to promote and foster integration between deaf and Hearing publishers, distributors and booksellers; to bring the two worlds together in a unique association of interests and one that facilitates learning, the development of new ideas and the sharing of best practice.

We’re hugely excited with our success to date – we’ve worked with the likes of Jacqueline Wilson, Julia Donaldson, and Joyce Dunbar; we’ve published new writing by Deaf author Nick Sturley and an all new work by Tamsin Coates. Our U Sign brand has become an instant hit and we’ve commissioned a range of children’s adventure books – all of which feature D/deaf children as heroes!

From the London Book Fair to the Leicester Literary Festival, the Library Show to the DocWoof Film Festival, we’ve engendered deaf awareness and allowed deaf people to full and participant members of the literary world!

It’s an exciting journey we’re on and we want you to be part of it! If you are a deaf, hard of hearing, deafened or deaf blind author with existing work in print or if you aspire to be a published author, then do get in touch – we want to hear from you!