Top Books For Deaf People

Just because a person cannot hear does not mean that they cannot enjoy a good book. There are a number of great books that can be enjoyed by a person that is deaf. Deaf people are able to read just fine and can enjoy a wide variety of stories. These are the top books for deaf people that they can read and enjoy.

Wonder Struck

Wonder Struck

This book was written by Brain Selznick. Ben and Rose are the main characters and they a hoping that their lives get better. Rose is a silent actress and keeps a diary of her work. Ben is looking for the father that he knew. Ben finds out clues about where his father can be and goes with Rose to New York City to look for him. Rose and Ben learn that they compliment each other and that they share a strong bond not only in deafness but in life as well. Seeing Voices

Seeing Voices

Seeing Voices

This is a novel by Oliver Sacks. This book will take the reader to a new land and they will learn about what a wonderful world it really out there. Sacks write about the deafness and how people struggle every day. Deaf people are a minority and they need to work hard in order to get respect. He also talks about the culture of deaf people and how they are able to communicate in various ways.

Five Flavours of Dumb

Five Flavors of Dumb

This is a book by Antony John. This book tells the story of Piper who has only a month to get the rock band named Dumb a gig that pays. If she is able to do this she will not only get paid but will become their full-time manager. The members of the band are hard to handle and to top it off she is deaf. Piper cannot hear their music but she still has to do her best. She is also facing family issues at the same time. Her baby sister is also deaf and her parents got the child a cochlear implant. Piper learns what it means to truly rock.

I’ll Scream Later

I’ll Scream Later

Marlee Malon and Betsy Sharkey wrote this book together. Marlee is an award winning actress and she tells the story of how she became one of the most liked and respected actress in spite of being deaf. She did not let her limitations stop her and were able to go on to become well loved and respected.

Other Inspiration Books

There are many other great books written for deaf people. So other noteworthy books include

El Deafo

Annie’s Song

Of Sound Mind

Your Welcome Universe

These are some of the most inspiring books that have been written for the deaf community. Not only are these books well written they embrace being deaf and will show the reader that with a little determination nothing will be able to stop them.

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